Fabulous. Love the Raindrop therapy and all of the great scents of the oils.

Sheri McgJacsonville , FL , USA

I had the opportunity to experience a Rain Drop Session with Michelle. My body felt renewed and I slept great following the session.As a RN over over 30 years and as a LMT I can soundly encorage connecting with Michelle for the Rain Drop experience.

Kena McClureJacsonville , FL , USA

I have had several sessions with Michelle and she does a great job. I feel great after the session and helps me with my stress and overall health. Highly recommended.

Chris Railing DCJacksonville , FL , USA

I was taller at the end of the session!!
I wouldn’t say that I was skeptical, I would say that I just didn’t know about the raindrop technique. My wife scheduled the session for me as we have had a ton of stress in our lives. We had opened a new business, gotten married, had a baby, and had the death of 3 loved ones in less than a year and she saw a difference in me and my personality.
Before the raindrop session Michelle explained everything succinctly and eloquently and put me in a state of ease.
During the session I was so relaxed and comfortable. It was a great stress reliever and I could feel the energy of my body turn back on.
After the session I was so relaxed and peaceful that my posture improved so much that I became taller!
I would definitely recommend Michelle and her raindrop technique for anyone who is going through stress and needs something to help them get through it.

Vincent Farrar DCJacksonville , FL , USA

Wow! Michelle is amazing! I have had several raindrops and massages over the years and she’s ace! Def get an appointment with her! I slept like a baby that night!

Dr. Sharnael Wolverton SehonJacksonville , FL , USA

I had a wonderful session with Michelle! So I get a monthly massage done at my local spa but I felt that it wasn’t helping me as much as it used to. The massages feel great really but I wasn’t in tune with myself and I was mentally going 100mph. As a result, I’d constantly tense up and I’d have to see a massage therapist sooner than I’d like to. So one day Michelle suggested I do a Raindrop session with her. Honestly, I was a bit hesitant because I didn’t really know much about it and I’m not hardcore into using natural oils for healing but I gave it a shot. During that 1 session I felt something I’ve never felt before…TOTAL RELAXATION AND STRESS RELIEF!! Are u kidding me?! I’ve been seeing a massage therapist for almost 2 years and have left feeling slightly better than I arrived. With Michelle it was completely different! My muscles felt super relaxed and I just felt good overall. You can even say I felt mentally cleansed. Whatever she did with the oils and her raindrop technique was highly effective. I seriously can’t wait to have another session. If you are looking for a different and natural approach to get the most out of your massage, book Michelle today!! You’ll thank me later.

Lisa Martinez PetyakJacksonville , FL , USA

Michelle is a wealth of health-filled information, and passionately shares her knowledge of healthy living and oils to provide an easy understanding of their benefits. Her raindrop treatments are amazing!! I recommend you try one if you haven’t yet – and ask her about Oils!

Kris PlantrichJacsonville , FL , USA