Life Mentoring is all about shifting old patterns that have been holding you back in life into new patterns that have you enthusiastic and loving life again! Here's the secret though... those old patterns are unconscious -- you haven't even realized that they are running your physical health, finances, relationships, your LIFE. The easy part is once you find the patterns, you can change them! This modality is the fastest and most accurate I have seen yet. We incorporate reading vocal tones, language, and body language for a comprehensive system that is lightening fast!

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free 30-minute introductory call!

Free 30 min Call

*All coaching sessions over 15 minutes are audio/video recorded via Zoom for the client to review as many times as they choose.

What is it that you’re choosing new answers for? Health? Business? Relationships?

These sessions will walk you through to your new experience of life in any areas you choose

Are you interested in a monthly touch up or a bank of minutes to bring a fresh perspective to situations that seem sticky?

One 30-minute call each month. Minimum 3-month participation.

30 min Monthly

100 minutes to be used as desired

100 min package

60 minutes (up to 2 calls monthly). Minimum 3-month participation.

60 min Monthly

200 minutes to be used as desired

200 min package

What if you could learn tools and techniques to apply in every area of your life while you're addressing situations near and dear to your heart?

These packages will help you understand universal/spiritual laws of life in a deeper way and move from understanding them with your head for applying and living them everyday with ease.

These Packages includes:

  • 8 weekly calls - recorded and sent out for additional viewing
  • Mini calls (10-15 min each)  - 6 for individual program/2 each for group program
  • 1 nutritional consultation
  • 2 bottles of Terra Mar minerals (up to a 3-month supply)
  • 1 Young Living Premium Starter Kit
  • Group program is 3-5 people