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What if your happy place could be right in the middle of everything because life is so fun & easy?
What if every moment was full of joy and enthusiasm?
What if you're the one who can make it that way?

My job as your life coach and mentor is to show you just how fun and easy it is to live the life you were created for.


This was my first experience with the Raindrop technique. It was subtle yet powerful in many ways. I could feel the opening and balancing of my energy centers.

Frances Siver

I have no other reason for why I’ve been able to jump back into my running plan! Thanks, Michelle, for the Raindrop session, the oils, and the decrees! Feet and legs are feeling better!

Vicki Parman

Michelle is so knowledgeable about what makes our bodies work to their full potential. Her expertise with oils helped me to get a great night’s rest after so long without it. Im hooked!

Betty Bennett

I am happy to finally be able to sleep through the night again thanks to Michelle and her recommendations for the perfect essential oils to use and diffuse.

Dawn Cantrell Moore

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